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Zero-Based Maintenance Staffing Standards
Matt Adams, P.E., Co-Author, Editor
Mr. Adams chaired and was the editor of the APPA taskforce that was formed to publish this book, published through APPA. It is a guide for colleges and universities that will aid in the establishment of zero-based maintenance staffing standards. It outlines correct standards for establishing zone maintenance operations and describes how this procedure can help in the budgeting process and make the best use of resources.

Successful Funding Strategies for Facility Renewal
Matt Adams, P.E.
As a follow-up to APPA’s study on campus facilities conditions in the United States, Matt Adams interviewed study participants to find schools that have successfully managed their deferred maintenance deficit. Case studies of seven campuses and a school district illustrate how organizations can retain the value of their capital assets through creative approaches and the support of upper administration.

Integrated Facility Management
Matt Adams, P.E., Contributing Author
This comprehensive publication by McGraw-Hill covers every modern aspect of facility management. From human resources to preventive maintenance, it explores the latest trends and best practices in institutional facility management.

Outsourcing’s Role in Facility Management
Matt Adams, P.E.
Mr. Adams recently published this book, in conjunction with APPA.